A collection of Pashtun stories from Loy Afghanistan

Monday, December 14, 2009

Adam Khan and Durkhane version 2

Hasan Khan, who was the head of the Yousafzai clan in the valley of Swat, had a talented son called Adam Khan. He was the idol of the people. He had few equals in horse manship and was unmatched in playing on the Rabab. Every maiden in the valley secretly wished to be his bride. Once during hunting tour Adam Khan’s horse lost one of its shoes. The master took the animal to the nearby village to have it reshoed. While waiting for the blacksmith to attend to his animal Adam Khan began to play on his Rabab which caught attention of people. Close by the crowd stood a dainty damsel who had come to get a spindle mended. Adam Khan saw her and was captivated by her beauty. The blushing girl hid herself in the blacksmith’s shop. Though Adam Khan arrived home but he could not stop thinking about the girl he saw at the village in the blacksmith’s shop. His father managed to get the secret out of his son. The girl was traced. She turned out to be the daughter of the village chief, Taos Khan and was called Durkhane. But she was engaged to be married to a wealthy old man called Payao. So Adam Khan’s dreams were shattered and Durkhane was married. The two lovers continued to meet secretly. Adam Khan’s father obtaining the help of a brother chieftain raided Payao’s house and secured Durkhane. Payao bought off the chieftain and the girl was restored to her old husband. This was a dreadful blow to Adam Khan who died broken hearted. Durkhane too was struck with a fatal malady. She wished to hear Adam Khan’s music on her death bed but as the dying wish could not be fulfilled another musician had to be called in to sing her to eternal sleep.

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